W e offer a wide selection of food grade doilies which give a traditional, retro, or contemporary appearance to cakes and pastries.

Our ‘Traditional’ and ‘Vintage’ range of doilies (in white / gold / greaseproof) are available in a variety of sizes and include round, rectangular and oval shapes. For longer shaped cakes or for Bûches de Noël our white and gold doilies are also available on a roll.

The ‘Personalised White and Gold’ selection consists of a premium white greaseproof doily that is personalised with an elegant company name and logo in gold. This range can be supplied in round or rectangular shapes, with minimum quantities starting from 5,100 doilies and low origination costs.

For a more modern presentation we offer our ‘Contemporary Collection’ of brightly coloured doilies with a cardboard centre for extra support. Our ‘Contemporary Collection’ can be supplied in black, gold, lime green or hot pink and personalised with a company or brand name. Minimum quantities start from 600 personalised doilies.